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Nepal Camping Trek :
This classic style of trekking are especially conducted in remote areas of Nepal supplying all camping equipments along with the food and employ porters to carry your gear and sherpas to set up tents where you will be sleeping and well- trained cook will prepare hot meals to serve you. You carry your small backpack with a water bottle, camera and your rain gear.As a guide I take care of everything, I employ the appropriate number of porters to carry all equipment, trekking gear and lead the whole crew.

A Day on the Camping Trek:
In a typical Camping Trek day starts around 6 a.m. with a cup of hot tea brought to your tent, along with a bowl of hot water for your morning wash. Breakfast will be laid on the table consisting of porridge, toasts, eggs, pancakes and tea/coffee. During breakfast the staff will pack the tents so please have your bags packed before breakfast. After breakfast by 7' o'clock everyone should be ready to start walking. The reason for this early start is to take advantage of the cool morning when walking is easiest; also the morning air is very clear, allowing a better view of the mountains than at other times of the day.

Porters carry trekker's all personal belongings. Everyone walks at his or her own pace as the group spreads out along the trail. There is a plenty of time to enjoy the views, meet the local people, take photographs and enjoy the flora and fauna. Even though you are with a group you can walk alone. The porters are slower and cook and his staff rush ahead to prepare lunch, which should be ready when the group arrive at around 11 o'clock. The afternoon's trek ends about 3 to 4pm when you discover your tents already set up by the Sherpas in a field near a village. The kitchen crew again prepares tea coffee; biscuits which will be available in the camp. As we often camp near villages a trip to the local inn can provide some light entertainment. Later on, you have free choice to read a book or explore the surrounding areas. The food provided is a combination of western and local cuisine which will be served in the dining tent at around 6 pm. The cook and kitchen staff are fully trained to the highest standard in hygiene. After dinner at around 8 pm most trekkers turn to their tents to enjoy a sound sleep.

Tea House / lodge Trek:
This type of trekking is popular in the certain regions of Nepal where lodges are available. Particularly in the Everest Region, Annapurna Region and Langtang Region . In these areas one can trek with a bare minimum equipment and rely on lodge. The basic idea of trekking is same; Here the porters carry the client's gear and I will accompany you as a guide during the day. We sleep in the available lodges on the trails and eat hot meals according to the lodge menu and I take care of all the arrangements.

Obviously this trek will also provide equal opportunity to enjoy the views of the nature and culture.  The Camping Trek has richer service than Tea-House Trek because Camping Trekkers pay more for the extra services.

A Day on a Tea House/Lodge Trek.
A trek-day starts around 6 a.m. with a wake up call. After packing your duffel and day-pack breakfast is served. The day's trek starts around 7.30 a.m. Porter's carry all the luggage and equipment. All you need to carry in your day-pack are water bottle, rain/wind jacket, camera and other small items you may need on the trail. All trekkers walk at their own pace accompanied by the trek guide. With larger groups there is a "lead" and "sweep" sherpa providing support throughout.

The morning's walk to the lunch spot takes about three to four hours. Around mid-day we usually stop for a simple hot lunch at one of the way side tea-houses. After hiking for about three to four hours in the afternoon we reach our lodge. In the late afternoon and evening you can relax, wash, read or take a walk nearby. The evening meal is served between 6 and 7 p.m. in the dining room. After dinner the guide will brief you on the next day's hike.

Each day's hike is planned so that trekkers have time to see, photograph and explore the countryside. Anyone who is healthy, fit, enjoys the outdoors and hiking will qualify to participate in our treks.

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